Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where are you Crafting Time?

Hello Peeps! sorry my blog had been too quiet.. :)

Whats new with us?

2013 is a busy year! Crafting time is doing well.. we were featured in TV 5's  Good Morning Club.. Titled: BASURA + CREATIVITY (trash + creativity)  featuring our jewelry collections made from various scrap materials. it was such a good way to start the year! we were soo happy with the feature! Thank you Good Morning club!
TV5 Good Morning Club Feature
Basura + Creativity

Mother and daughter beading together

Summer was great too! mom and i went to Tagaytay to celebrate the mother's day.. it was a fun filled 2 days 1 night out of town activities..  we checked in at LAS VENTANAS, where we had 1 hr relaxing massage. I bought the voucher from Metrodeal, and the deal was great considering the price and the freebies! (free dinner, breakfast and 1 hr massage for 2 for a price of P1900!)

LAS VENTANAS Tagaytay City

We attended mass at Pink Sisters Chapel, it was a solemn mass... Mass hymns were new to my ears.. Then and on  the next day we tried the famous bulalo in Mahogany market with EAT ALL YOU CAN Senorita Banana! talking about deal huh!

laika Finished 2 bowls of bulalo soup.. shes soo tiny yet she eats soo much, i wonder where she puts them all! lol!

photo grabbed from Mr. www

Photo grabbed from Mr. www

Few meters from Mahogany Market is the new Theme Park operated by SM group of companies.. the SKY RANCH! it has the perfect view of the Taal Volcano, and the have the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the country!  we paid half the price since the park was just starting..
Taal Volcano


isn't it a good way to celebrate the Mother's day? I love my mom sooo much! if i can tour her around the world i would! but since that's not possible right now... ill just make sure she'll see more beautiful places in the Philippines! :)

There are still lots of beautiful places to see in Tagaytay. too bad we had soo little time..

our next escapade? the Queen of the South ~ Cebu City! see you on my next post! mwaah!

Note: Im just a crafter not a writer :)

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