Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scrap no more!

Here's few of my scrap clays... when working with canes, it is impossible not to have scraps! i usually use these scraps in my beads... i knead them, cover with fresh clay, then cover with canes slices... i love love love beads!

but today, i made something new.... in my previous blog, i talked about resin and how i enjoy working with the medium. i love the idea of making collage using mixed materials, and pour it with resin... bezel plays an important part... in the Philippines where materials are limited and expensive, you have to be a little creative to get what you want.

i baked these last night... from scraps to these... yeheyy!!!  (the reason why i am sleepy now. lol! )
my very own bezel! :)

i used makins clay extruder and makins texture sheet for this one... applied some mica powder too!

i used ballpen to make textures

Hello hello Sebastian! :)

made some swirls and attached it to clay

will put holes using drill bit - no worries everything is secured.. a wire /jumpring is attached for protection.
im soo excited to use these in my collage projects! :)

will try to make a tutorial soon!  see yah!

Note: im just a crafter, not a writer.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Something New....

I have been busy lately... busy thinking of what to sell in Global Pinoy Bazaar this coming November 5 and 6....  Yes, I am pressured. The participants are the members of the Phil Polymer Clay Guild - and they are great great artists! I need to make something different... my works may not be as great as theirs.. but it could be a bit different at least. :)

I just bought a beading book, and it inspired me to create something unique... the author used brass bezel, crackle paste, dried leaves and few text cut-outs and ice resin!
She put the crackle paste in a bezel, painted it and made a collage using the dried leaves and few cut-outs then poured the ice resin.. ahhhhhh the output is sooo lovely and i fell in love with it!

it just hit me an idea and worked on my own version.. i dont have bezel so i made one using polymer clay! lol! since im still practicing the technique i just used what's available... 

in this project, i used my newly bought setting as texture.. yes.. i made my own setting using a setting.. lol! anyway so i used 2 settings here... they have nice textures huh?
i stamped clover leaf in one and transferred  image (heat transfer) in the other...

this is the back of my own version of bezel

poured few drops of EasyCast Resin Mix.

one thing i learned, yes, resin hardens overnight.. but it fully cures in 24 hrs.. so never never touch it until its fully cured, this is to avoid having dust all over your work.

and yes, since i wanted to make something different. i covered it with wire... this is just a practice project.. the wire isnt perfect yet... (bara-barang gawa)

i created this last night.. poured resin... i wanted it to look like the face -  just got our from the water... i dont know that to call it yet. but i love the result!


call me cheap! but you just dont know how happy i was when i received this from raymond... :) i was planning to buy these later, but i got it for free sooo i am happy.... 

What? do i hear you asking what's this for?

there....  when working with RESIN you have to make sure that you have the right measurement... 1:1 ratio. it isnt an easy to measure just few ml using measuring cups... this is a great alternative. currently, i am using only one syringe, and i know it would be great to have separate containers.. Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!

i also had a chance to use my old old plug... i just inserted few slices of golden brown polymer clay and covered it.. here's what i got...

a Dangling Stud Earrings heheheh !

im planning to make stud earrings using only the filigrees... i think it would be better than this,  it will be sturdy and i wont have problem attaching it with studs! :) so excited to try it !;)


Hey... look! been working with wires for 2 weeks in a row! and so far i am enjoying it...  i made a wired cuff using # 16 wires... and designed it with clays...

my friends call this a nymph... with wind blown hair...

the back side

swirled...  im just super happy with my new pliers... Nelson wrapped it with rubber so my wirework is neat and clean! yeheyyy!

when worn...

Expect more of these in Global Pinoy Bazaar - Rockwell Tent November 5- 6!

See you!

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