Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Trash to Treasure

It's summer time in the Philippines, where flowers bloom, and everything is green.. :)

Lets help save our mother earth ~ "Go Green" by recycling those trash and turn them into somebody's treasure! :)

Jill asked me if i can make another bottle cap jewelry just like the entry i made in P3's trash to treasure challenge.. i said Yes... 

but this time i did not pressure myself, i just did what i love doing... flowers, pastels, green leaves, textures..  i enjoyed working with this project... i love the colors! they bring happy thoughts.. relieves stress..and make me smile just by looking at them :)

the challenging part is how to turn these cute flowers into a jewelry? . lol! i already made few pendants months back so its no longer appealing to me.. and i thought of my convertible accessories....

what do you think?   

As bracelet.
hey! where are the bottle caps?????

ohhhhhh there they are!!!  painted with blue inka gold and sealed with future polish...

the other side

when worn... :)

yes you can wear it as necklace too!

how it looks like when worn...

Chain is detachable... you just need to attach the fresh water pearl chain and it will instantly turn into a necklace..

ive already made few convertible accessories..  and this one is my favorite...
i wire wrapped some fresh water pearls using stainless wire and turned it into chain..

now help me find the trash!

enjoy the summer!