Friday, January 27, 2012

Something Rectangular & Sparkly

You may be wondering why I love joining P3 challenges, especially swaps.
Well the answer is ~ it keeps my adrenalin rush!

P3 has great artists, I mean great… ahh they are my idols.. There are some members whom I consider aliens!  I don’t know how they do those small stunning piece of art with soo much details. Ahhhh how I wish I could have their fingers.. or even just an eye.. not to mention their creativity!

I join the challenges basically to challenge myself, would there be anything else? Lol! And I join swaps to receive something from one of these great artists and to challenge myself more… my rule is: if I am to receive something special, I need to give something special as well. Then there goes another step to more challenging challenge. Hehehe!
to make the story short, P3's challenge for December is Kris Kringle... we have 2 options: something rectangular and sparkly or something small and bronze, i decided to make the first one.

P3 guys know me… part of I so called challenging myself is learning new techniques… and I always make few projects before deciding what to submit…

Want to see what I am talking about?


i worked on this on christmas day...  i used gold and black for the background, added some mica powder on the tree.... used silver clay for the moon and rhinestones as stars... indeed it is sparkly...  but it also has few bubbles... sigh.. and my friend laugh because he got confused if its a dog or a pig hanging on the swing! lol! so i decided to make another one...

i used polymer clay for the base and veins, dried flowers which i bought in nail art supply, and easy cast resin. i remember working on this 2 days before new year's eve. it is ok! but it doesnt look so special.. so i made another one..

The tin can was from panalpina- a gift from our suplier. it has 1gb flash drive. i was about to include the flash drive in our swap, but this project was a failure.

I used LP's Sutton Slice technique on this one... covered it with LP's magic gloss... i was happy with the result, but since LP's Magic gloss is too pricey, i used easy cast resin on the next coat.... too bad, ive put too much resin and it spilled! the connector is now locked.. havin touble opening it...

so i made another one, this one is bigger... i had fun working on this. took me 4 hrs to complete the multi colored sutton slice!  again covered it with easy cast resin... i was happy with the result... Perfect!    but decided to keep it.

i know i needed to make something special.. i already saw the 2 entries for the challenge.. they are Uber nice... i have to make something unique, and something my monita will treasure... then i saw my drill bit and Jennifer Cruz's needle tool on my table... hmmmm something useful... every artist would really love to receive something like these....

so i made one... using mokume gane technique. -  first, i covered the drill bit with wires, put few drops of CA to ensure they are attached, and covered it with scrap clays... then covered it with mocume gane slices... (i think i should make a  photo tutorial on this- let's see on my next post huh!)  well i had to put my signature on them so ive added few yellow flowers and veins..  (garden theme is my signature :) )

tada! i was happy with it.. the techniques are simple... but the project is useful so i guess my monita will love it!

want to see what i received in return?  Ghie's Dragon Compact Mirror! i fell in love the first time i saw it! and ive been wishing to swap with Ghie ever since i saw her works!  hihihi im sooo happy... she sent the mirror with some baked goodies... and she baked it specially for me.. hihih isn't it sweet? ;) Thank you soo much Ghie!

and oh here are the other entrries! happy viewing!