Sunday, December 11, 2011

wire works

Wow! its already 2 am and im here typing...
im tired and sleepy from claying.. and waiting for my cuffs to cool down from the oven..

anyway... here are the few stuff i made the past few days...
something i can call mine.. :)


this one is inspired by my favorite artist, Rocky Antonio...

Just few weeks ago the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild had a Christmas Ornament swap. 
here are my entries:  i made the picture frames considering what my friends will like... :) Jen loves dogs so i tried making dog for her.. Gin loves blue and dogs as well so i made hers blue! Joyce loves pink.. obviously i should make pink for her.. and i am sure it will go to her pretty little girl, rain! i couldn't think of anything to make for Net, and since i know shes been nice, i just made her a santa! now make a wish net! 

i should also make one extra piece for our P3 Christmas tree...  and i made this tree! tada!

Goodnight Everyone! mwaah!