Thursday, February 16, 2012

Express yourself in four Inchies

P3 started the year with a bang! we just finished our January challenge called Apatchies.  Apat - a filipino word means four.. we were tasked to make 4 pcs inchies expressing ourselves.  we were not limited to try any particular technique or any particular theme.. we just had to show who we are... no rules.. well except for the size that 1 x 1 x 1/3"

Self expression? who am i? my inchies will answer you..

i grew up in the city.. no beach.. no lake, no river.. no garden and no nipa hut! these places that i only saw in books, in television... when i was young, my friends would brag about their province expriences in summer... I would ask them why they turned too dark? and they would simply say ahhh we went to the beach!... i envied my friends...

i love the beach..  i love watching the Little Mermaid, i love ariel, though i think shes too young to fall! i love sebastian.. i love the music... and i can watch little mermaid a hundred times and would still enjoy it over and over... so when i was asked by my fellow guild member about the project in my mind.. i said "beach!" without thinking.. i love the beach.. if i was not human, maybe id be a mermaid! lol!

i love nature.. i love green.... i dont throw my trash anywhere... i keep my bus ticket, candy wrappers, receipts, etc in my bag.. i support the  government campaign, "Go Green".

i love garden.. if given the chance, i would love to have a garden wedding and would use butterflies instead of doves... flowers and butterflies.. perfect match right?

and someday, id love to walk in the beach... buy some fish from the local fishermen, water my garden, cook for the family and rest in the nipa hut...  simple right?

anyways enough about me....
i used real sand from my brother's aquarium in the beach inchies... mixed it with Kato Clear Medium to get the beach effect. thanks to Roselle for teaching me how to make the boat.. and to LJ for reminding me that Sebastian is not a crab! hes a lobster and a crab is green and not red! lol (theres a funny story behind this project) i learned new techniques..  and i just love how the nipa hut turned out with the help of  mica powders...

this challenge made P3 girls high for few days... there are lots of ooohhhss and ahhhhsss.. i feel so lucky to be a part of this group.. the members are super duper talented! every inch is worth a look! and caused me sleepless nights. sounds exaggerated but true! check out our FB page and you will understand what i am talking about..  P3 Apatchies Challege .